W&B Streets

by Delitto su Carta

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released February 28, 2014

Davide Fontanel - Voice and Guitar
Diego Bozza - Guitar
Alessandro Mirone - Bass
Paola Sivelli - Drums


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Delitto su Carta Italy

Real Illusion are Davide Fontanel (vocals and guitar) Diego Bozza (Guitar) Alessandro Mirone (Bass) and Paola Sivelli (Drums).
The band was founded in November 2004 with the sole purpose of proposing unreleased music. The Real Illusion is a genre of hard rock characterized by very melodic riffs and choruses incisors.
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Track Name: Break

When something breaks something else
it creates a wound.
But when it heals
you feel born-again.

Finally you manage to understand
you really feel good
without that thing that provoked the wound
And the initial anger towards what harmed you disappears.

Suffer helps
you to understand what
feeling well means
the real meaning of good things
we can discover it through
..bad thing..

The Evil was corrupting your mind
and the anger was following you
thanking what harmed you would not be useful

‘cause who hurts you doesn't understand how hurtful it’s
even less he’d understand the wellness you've achieved thanks to him
Track Name: Wake up monkeys
Wake up monkeys!

How many times I felt stopped
by the events of every day
how many times I tried to change things
but I've never been able

how many times I stopped dreaming
because they told me to no dream
how many times I talked to a person
and I noticed to have a wall in front of me

Forget it don't try it
this time
You can't cut my wings again

and now the only way to resist
it's going to the opposite side
proud to be myself, proud to go on my way
without regrets

burn the habits! burn the mental bordes!
Wake up stimulus! Wake up monkeys!
now I want to sing because no one can
break the music that's inside of me
Track Name: Roots

I saw the dawn, I saw the sunset
I saw the sky of another country
every place is like a book
you need to open it and understand
it's stupid to think you've seen it all
without leaving home
and when you feel this strange sensation
it’s just the call of your roots

I go back
I go back to my home
where I live where was born
waiting for my return
I go back
I go back to my home
the fun of traveling that you know
that you'll return home

I can stay with my feet nailed to the ground
with my friends and my family
but it's too great is the desire
to get out the door
each step is a risk but I want to do
accepting any consequences
until I feel the desire
to return to my roots
Track Name: Let me breath
Let me breath

I don’t need a new mobile phone
I don’t need a fashon glasses
I don’t need a signed clothes
To appear what I’ve never been

I don’t need a false friends
Which love my false side
Why i’ve be a friend of everything
If i’ve put a mask in my face

Let me breath

I don’t need a psychologist
Which say me that I’m different
We’re goin to ruin slowly
We destroy the essence of life

I need to feel emotions
I need to give it to each other
I need to breath, i need air
I need all this things to satisy myself
Track Name: Different paths

During our lives
more moments arrive,
moments in which you can grow or turn down
in what you already are.

The same stimulus changes you,
bounces on you or makes you retreat.
do you think you are perfect?
well.... you are not!

Perfection lies in the continuous desire of growth
You'll never stop growing, if you stop you are dead.
Do you know the funny thing about this?
You will think that all the ones around you are dead!

I'm alive.
And you?
Track Name: Indifference
It’s the worst enemy of humanity
It’s the total gray and the fog
It 's easier to not make any choice
‘cause allows you to stay with the strongest

but who are you ? Are yourself or the other?

I want to be myself
I want to be myself
I want to be myself
Be myself, be myself

indifference is a great hiding place
be careful to not hide you
because you can erase yourself
yourself and your surroundings
Track Name: The choice

It's difficult to choose
It's easy to do
so if you don't think

And when you think
only about yourself
Choice implicate scaring consequences

So if somebody chooses for you everything is easier

But the truth is that even if you apparently didn't choose,
you implicitly chose
You are hiding behind the appearance,
As this world allows you to do

Why should you want
to kid yourself
Just to protect yourself

It is always easy
to blame the ones
who apparently chose for you.

And now ask yourself a question: who really chose this?
Track Name: Work to be alone
Frustration, indignation, anger, impotence.
Hoping, or thinking to hope.
how things should work out

Knowing at the same time
that this is not the reality
you were hoping for.

Work to be alone
Fear to be abandoned by the system you are living in
Knowing that you are working for
something in witch you don't believe,
knowing that you work to be alone

So you go on fooling yourself
The system you hoped in real
knowing you are working for somebody that forces you to
aware that you are not working for what you believe in

this is even worse
than being alone
we are forced to
work to be alone.
Track Name: White street
There's a street that everyone
takes at least once in their lives
it’s a white street
it’s a road without bends
It's the street where there are no problems

You find life, you find death
You find the pleasure, you find the pain
You find the day, you find the night
You find foregivenes, you find love

Along the way
You can find many deviations
Listen to your heart
Think with your head
And take what you seems right

Don’t be scared
Take your choice
let's go and follow your heart
Track Name: Real illusion - Black Street
There’s a street
That everyone take
It’s a black street full of holes

It seems an endless road
But if you look around the exit is near

Give me your hand
I want to leave this path
Stay with me!
Where am I?
I want to take another street
to save my life

It's a long street
That teaches you
How important it's to find the end

Don’t be scared
Take your choices
Let's go and follow your heart

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